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Rider Level Testing - Dawn Helm evaluator!
Alex Jamael ClinicApril 3, 2021
Alex is back April 3 & 4 for another great jumping clinic!
March Break Rider Level 3, 4 & 5 PrepMarch 17, 2021
Three days! Stable management participants will be introduced to the following skills:
– Disassemble and assemble a snaffle bridle and “put it up” in a figure of eight.
– Parts of the hoof, characteristics of a healthy hoof/newly shod hoof, hoof issues.
– Types of blankets, put on/remove blanket with leg/belly straps, put away properly.
–. Stable design incl. safety and comfort considerations, size, floor types, ventilation etc.
– Types of bits (and uses), in depth discussion on types or equipment/tack & care.
- Trimming a horse, preparing a mane properly, daily care of manes/tails.
- Health: temperature, pulse, respiration, capillary refill, teeth, skin conditions, lameness
- Rein aids, phases of a jump, leading a horse for line classes, lunging
Proper cool down techniques, how to safely tie up a hay net, barn safety rules, measuring a horse, nutrition, and more!
March Break Rider Level 1&2 PrepMarch 15, 2021
Campers will assist barn staff with the feeding and care of our horses each day, participate in daily stable management classes and group riding lessons (grouped according to level).
Stable management topics will include: horse handling and safety, parts of the horse, colors & markings, nutrition, grooming (including names of tools and reasons for use), tacking up, parts and care of equipment, terminology and other horsemanship skills.
Six-week Horsemanship Classes January 31, 2021
Jan. 31 - Groundwork and Correct Lunging
Feb. 7 - Wraps/bandaging
Feb 14 - First Aid
Feb 21 - Horse Show Prep
Feb 28 - Braiding
March 7 - Groundwork and Correct Lunging - YES AGAIN - it's that important!
$100 + HST ($115) or $20 + HST ($23) for individual sessions
March Break Goals, Growth and Goats! March 26, 2018
We're back for another farm fun adventure, but with a new year underway, we are adding fun activities for growth and goal setting.
Valentine's Day Couple's lessonFebruary 14, 2018
Looking for a unique activity for Valentine's Day? Join us for a couple's riding lesson! Multiple dates!
Expand your relationship with horses - Jr. version!December 4, 2017
Want to broaden your horse experience? Join us for an afternoon of ground handling techniques, including "join up" activities, desensitizing games, and other natural horsemanship approaches.
Working with horses on the ground not only provides insight into the nature of horses, but helps improve your understanding, and your horse's understanding of techniques you are asking under saddle.
Bring your own horse or use one of Storybook's and join us for an afternoon of fun and horse games! Space limited to max. of 6 participants per session.
Ages 8-11 - Saturday Dec. 4th - 1:30 - 4:00p.m. - $30 + GST
Pony Rides and Farm Tours! June 1, 2017
Farm is open to the public Sunday afternoons for the season! Doors open at 12 noon; Guided farm tours take place at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30; pony rides take place indoors between 1 - 3 p.m. Rain or shine. Admission is $5; pony rides $6. Season passes available! Follow us on Facebook for more info!
Family Fun Day 2016October 16, 2016
Come meet our farm friends! Horses, goats, sheep, hens, pigs, cow, donkey, lama, turkeys, rooster and more! Take a pony ride, visit the critter pens, walk the interpretive trail, enjoy a scavenger hunt, arts and crafts and more! 12 noon - 3 p.m.
Mother-Daughter CelebrationMay 7, 2016
Join us for a fun-filled, quality bonding day at our first ever Mother-Daughter 'Girl Power' Workshop. We will use movement, creativity, exercises with the horses, team building and a few surprises to inspire discussion and insights about leadership, confidence and courage.
Breaking BarriersApril 9, 2016
Join us - and the horses - for a one-day workshop where we will explore the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding us back from truly living our best life.

Storybook Adventures Inc.


Welcome to the wonderful world of horseback riding - a unique sport which combines exercise, the outdoors and a love of horses.

At Storybook Stables, we emphasize correct basics to create a strong foundation, along with a classical approach to understanding the horse and riding with harmony. Whether you are just starting out or are a serious athlete in pursuit of top level equestrian goals, we have a program to meet your needs.  



Our Riding School Program emphasizes a strong foundation to ensure the best pathway for skill development, confidence and progress! Safety, fun and a sense of personal accomplishment are key elements of our system. We feature a large, bright indoor arena with state of the art fibre footing and viewing area (for year-round riding), a 120' x 220' outdoor sand ring, grass ring/cross country field and walking trails.  
One, two and three lesson/week options - see below.

Storybook Stables attends an average of 6 -10 horse shows per year - from local training shows to  Regional Gold and National 'A' competitions. For riders who aspire to compete, Storybook offers the Competitive Rider Program. Riders take a minimum of two lessons/week and must own or lease a horse/pony. The higher the level of competition, the higher the level of commitment to training/practice. These requirements reflect the minimum level of commitment and training needed to become a confident, capable, competitive rider.   


RIDING SCHOOL LESSONS (8 week sessions)
Payment can be made by e-transfer (, cheque, cash or money order.
NOTE credit card payments accepted through please add 3% processing fee.

GROUP LESSONS (up to five riders): 
Ages 8 to adult! One hour mounted lesson (please allow 30 minutes before and after your lesson to groom/tack up and then untack/groom and put your horse/equipment away). *Note: for your first 8-week session staff will be on hand 30 minutes before the designated ride time to help students lear to groom/tack up!

One group per week (8): $320 + HST = $368 (or 2 payments of $184)

Two group per week (16): $560 + HST = $644 (or 2 payments of $322) 

*One group/one 30 min. private/wk: $640 + HST = $736 (2 pymnts $368)

Three per week (24): $840 + HST = $966 (2 payments $483)
*Two group/one 30 min priv/wk: $920+ HST = $1053 (2 pymnts $526.50)

Boarder lesson prices listed below!

INTRO TO HORSES - $400 + HST = $460 (or two payments $230
All riders 7 and under (or those wanting a private but needing additional help preparing the horse for the lesson) will begin with weekly private lessons that include a half-hour of mounted instruction - the INTRO to HORSES includes 30 minutes of assistance/supervision in the barn learning horse handling, grooming and tacking up at no extra charge! 
*PRIVATE LESSONS (8 weeks): 
FOCUS 30: 30 minute ride time (rider arrives 30 minutes before and allows 30 minutes after their lessons to prepare/put away horse properly [unassisted]). 
$400 + HST = $460 (or two payments of $230) 
POWER HOUR: 60 minute ride time (rider arrives 30 minutes before and allows 30 miutes after their lessons to prepare/put away horse properly [unassisted])  
$480 + HST = $552 (or two payments of $276) 
Semi-Private (when space allows): 45 minute ride time (rider arrives 30 minutes before and allows 30 minutes after their lessons to prepare/put away horse properly [unassisted]).
$400 + HST = $460 (or two payments of $230)   
*MAKE UP POLICY*: Lessons are progressive in nature, with the building and practicing of new skills from week to week. As such we strongly encourage regular attendance. Of course we recognize that occasionally absences are unavoidable. For this reason we allow ONE make up lesson per 8-week session for emergency or illness PROVIDED we receive at least 24-hours notice. Notice is necessary so we can arrange to fill your vacant spot with a rider waiting for a make up lesson. NO NOTICE - NO LESSON. Please contact Jana at (for pre-planned travel please contact so we can arrange and alternate schedule)

WHAT TO WEAR : Beginner  - While equipment and attire designed specifically for riding is recommended for both the  comfort and safety of riders, beginners in their first 8 lessons, may start out with any properly fitting boots so long as they have a slight heel (approx 1/4 inch), long comfortable pants and LONG socks. We have ASTM-approved riding helmets on hand, at no extra charge, for the first 8 lessons (for students who do not have their own). All students should be neatly attired, no chewing gum or excessive jewelry, with hair tied away from their face (a low pony tail or braid for those with long hair, hair nets and/or hair bands for short/layers). For maximum comfort and safety, after the first 8 lessons we ask students to have their own ASTM approved Helmet and proper riding boots (we have a tack shop on site and offer discounts for Storybook riders). 
Intermediate/Advanced riders are required to wear appropriate riding attire including breeches or tights (with a belt), paddock boots with half-chaps or field boots, their own ASTM-approved helmets with hair tucked neatly inside. Gloves are strongly recommended (required for showing). All students should be neatly attired (no loose or baggy clothing or 'pajama' pants), no chewing gum or excessive jewelry, with hair tied away from their face. 


Storybook Stables has a limited number of horses available for lease (minimum 6 month term). Leasing provides a rider with access to the same horse for each lesson/ride without the commitment of ownership. A full lease includes exclusive use of the horse for lessons and practice rides. A half-lease includes exclusive use of the horse for lessons and ONE practice ride a week and the horse may still be used up to five rides/week in the riding school.

NOTE: A lease (or ownership) is required for riders who wish to show OFF property. A full lease is required for those that wish to show at Gold rated competitions as well as all shows OFF Island. Leases must be in place no less than 8 weeks before the first show to be attended. This ensures riders have access to 'their' horse to prepare in advance of any competition.  

A horse’s lease fee is related to it’s skill level. A show quality horse will have an annual lease fee (generally $180 - $1800 for a half lease; $300 - $2400 for a full lease). Lease fees apply regardless of the term of the lease (whether you lease 6 months or a year). Board/lesson costs are monthly, for the term of the lease. Green and/or senior/non-show horses may have a low or no annual fee (just board/farrier costs). 


FARM is responsible for: Routine costs including flu/rhino/tetanus vaccines, deworming, and dental (if required). 

HALF LEASOR is responsible for: Half hoof trimming costs ($20); Grooming kit including show sheen, liniment and hoof oil, Bathing Kit, Tack Cleaning it, Braiding Kit (if showing); any fees/vaccines/tests/maintenance/supplements/farrier work that is required related to showing (ie shoes, Coggins tests, memberships etc); show tack (leasors must have own bridle, bit, stirrup leathers/stirrups, saddle pads [2-3], girth - saddles may be borrowed provided they are maintained (cleaned/oiled) by leasor. Leasor is reponsible for damage/loss of use if issue occurs while in their care. Summer sheets will be required for those showing.

FULL Leasing is more akin to owning a horse. Full LEASOR is responsible for: Hoof trimming costs ($40) Grooming kit including show sheen, liniment and hoof oil; Bathing Kit; Tack Cleaning it; First Aid Kit; Braiding Kit (if showing), Stable wraps; Feed/water tubs (for travel), lead line/halter (for travel); any fees/vaccines/tests/maintenance/farrier work that is required related to showing (ie shoes, Coggins tests, memberships etc); show tack/equipment (leasors must have own bridle, bit, stirrup leathers/stirrups, saddle pads [1 show, 2 for home], wool coolers, girth. We would ask leasors to aquire their own saddle (we are happy to assist) - on occasion a particular horse may have a saddle associated with it that can be leased monthly ($30 + HST), provided the saddle is maintained (cleaned/oiled) by leasors. Leasor is reponsible for damage/loss of use if issue occurs while in their care. Summer sheets/scrims will be required for those showing. Rain sheets/winter rugs are the Leasors responsibility should they wish for the horse to be clipped (subject to approval).

NOTE: Show riders require a black 'Storybook Saddle' pad, a white fitted saddle pad (if showing hunters), summer sheet (with logo), polo shirt (with logo). Scrim sheet, other team clothing optional. 

BOARD COSTS (inquire about available horses/annual lease fees/farrier fees):
HALF LEASE including two group lessons/wk (8/mo.) + 1 practice ride/week: $400+HST= $460 
HALF LEASE including one group/one 30 min. private lesson/wk (4 each per month) + up to 1 practice ride/wk: $440+HST=$506
(extra lesson options available)

FULL LEASE including two group lessons/wk(8/mo.) + up to 4 practice rides/wk: $700+HST= $805

FULL LEASE including one group/one 30 min. private lessons/wk (4 each per mnth) + up to 4 practice rides/wk: $740+HST= $851
(extra lesson options available)

BOARD includes a box stall (cleaned daily), daily turnout (private and group options), robust nutritional program that includes our custom grain mix and top quality timothy hay (2 grain/4 hay meals/day), access to ammenities including our 60'x120' indoor arena featuring a blend of sand and synthetic fiber footing, an 120'x220' outdoor sand ring, grass ring/cross country field, full set of hunter/jumper jumps, and walking trails.  We also offer an on site tack shop, kitchen, bathroom, viewing lounge, amazing staff and a myriad of farm animals. 

Base board (before lessons) = $500
Full Board including 1 group lesson/wk - $620 + HST = $713
(group lesson = $30 each, can upgrade to private for additional fee)
Full board - 2 group lessons/week - $700 + HST = $805
(group lessons = $25 each, can upgrade to a private for an additonal fee)
*Note: Competitive (show) riders must take 2 lessons per week.

Private turnout - $60/month        
Blanket changes - $45/mo.
Turnout Boots - (4) - $45/month or (2) - $30/month
Bandaging - $5/day (own bandages) or $25 a week
Holding for vet/farrier - $20/hour (or part thereof) 
Heated Water buckets- $20/month (while in use)
TLCs (cold hosing, hand walking, grooming, needles) - Please contact


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